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-===== Ham Calendar for 2019 / 2020 =====+===== Ham Calendar for 2020 ===== 
 +<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​LARC activities that involve a group of people getting together are generally being CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ 
 +<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​There are no Ham related activities scheduled in the foreseeable future at these locations:</​font>​ 
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​427 Wing, which is closed</​font>​ 
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Secrets of Radar Museum</​font>​ 
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Saturday morning breakfast at Mary's Place</​font>​ 
 +(Weekly activities are summarized at the bottom of this page)
 ^Start__Date^Event Name^Description,​ Website| ^Start__Date^Event Name^Description,​ Website|
-|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Nov 72019</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Meeting</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​John Visser Sr"RF Communications ​in the Railway Industry"​</​font>​| +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Jan 22020</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Meeting</​font>​| | 
-|Dec 52019|LARC Meeting|Annual ​Christmas pot luck supperPlease arrive between 6:30 and 7:00+|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Jan 25/​26</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Winter Field Day</​font>​|[[https://​​|Website with rules]]| 
-|Dec 28, 2019|RAC Canada Winter Contest 2019|[[|rules]]| +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Feb 6</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Meeting</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Doug Elliott VA3DAE: High Altitude Balloons - Chasing APRS Ghosts</​font>​| 
-|Jan 22020|LARC Meeting| | +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Feb 26</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Exercise Marconi-Braun</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​City of London Emergency Exercise to test communications interoperability. Details from Doug Elliott VA3DAE</​font>​| 
-|Jan 25/26|Winter ​Field Day|[[​|Website ​with rules]]| +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Mar 5</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Meeting</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Mike Cook VE3ZMC: We're All in the Dark - An Exploration of Dark Matter and Dark Energy</​font>​| 
-|Feb 6|LARC Meeting| | +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Mar 19</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Board Meeting</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED. 7:30 PMat 427 Wing</​font>​| 
-|Mar 5|LARC Meeting| |+|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​April 2</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC Meeting</​font>​|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED ​Annual ​Antenna AnalysisA topic of vital interest to hams, with lots of practical ideas.</​font>​| 
 +|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​April 12-19</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​LARC election nominations</​font>​|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​Nominations can be made from April 12-19 for candidates for the LARC board of directors for 2020/ 2021, via email. See</​font>​[[http://​|http://​]]<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​dddddd>​for full details.</​font>​
 +|Apr 26 - May 3|LARC election|Election of the LARC board of directors will take place over the internet. LARC members in good standing will be able to vote by following the instructions to be posted on the LARC Website: ​[[|http://​]]| 
 +|May 4|Election Results|The new board of directors will be announced on the LARC website and the Monday night LARC net on the VA3LON repeater.| 
 +|Apr 25/26|Exercise Arrowhead Response|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED.</​font>​ Field Exercise in conjunction with 31 Signal Regiment. Emphasis on HF and Military/​Civilian interaction and cooperation. Somewhere North West of London ​details to follow| 
 +|May 7|LARC Meeting|<​font inherit/inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED.</​font><​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​66ff99>​Our elections of the members of the LARC board of directors will be done over the internet this year, from April 26 to May 3. Full details are on the LARC website, at:</​font>​[[http://​|http://​]]| 
 +|May 9|London EOC Open House|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED.</​font>​ The annual London Emergency Operations Centre Open House that starts off Emergency Preparedness Week has been cancelled for this year.| 
 +|May 10|Run for Ovarian Cancer|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Ham Participation CANCELLED.</​font>​ This event has been changed into a virtual eventand they will not need assistance of ham radio operators as a result [[http://​​|Event Website]]| 
 +|May 24|LARC Board Meeting|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Status TBD.</​font>​7:​30 PM, at 427 Wing
 +|June 4|LARC Meeting|<​font inherit/inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Status TBD.</​font>​Preparations for Summer Field Day, with rising excitement.| 
 +|June 18|LARC Board Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Status TBD.</​font>​7:​30 PM, at 427 Wing| 
 +|Jun 27/​28|Summer ​Field Day|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​The ARRL seems to be planning for a modified Field Day -</​font>​ see [[​field-day-2020-a-time-to-adapt|this website]]| 
 +|Jul 25/26|MS Tour|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Ham participation CANCELLED. This year's MS Bike Tour will be a virtual event, and organizers don't think they'​ll need assistance from Hams.</​font>​Ham communications support for the annual MS Tour. Bicyclists go from Grand Bend to London, and then back the next day. We need about 20 ham volunteers for Net Control, Checkpoints and the Voyageur vans. Contact Doug Elliott for more info, or visit [[https://​​mssoc/​site/​TR/​BikeTour/​OntarioDivision?​pg=entry&​fr_id=6987|MS ​Website]][[https://​​resources/​what-you-need-to-know-about-coronavirus/​update-on-ms-society-in-person-events-and-programs|COVID-19 Impact Update]]| 
 +|Sep 3|LARC Meeting| | 
 +|Sep 11-14|Airshow London 2020|Activities at 427 Wing may be restricted| 
 +|Sep 12|Ham course start|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Status TBD, but unlikely to be traditional classroom environment:</​font><​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Start of LARC Basic Ham License course. Saturday mornings from 9-noon, from first Saturday after Labour day to early December, excluding Thanksgiving weekend. For more information,​ please contact</​font><​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​66ff99>​We are considering alternate ways to present the course in case we still have constraints that would prevent the class from physically meeting. More news as our plan solidifies.</​font>​| 
 +|Sep 17|LARC Board Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Meeting time and method TBD.</​font>​| 
 +|Sep 20, 9:00 - noon|LARC Hamfest|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Cancelled:​ Annual Hamfest at Dorchester Fairgrounds (then head for LARC Centennial celebration!)</​font>​| 
 +|Sep 20, noon - evening|LARC Centennial Celebration|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Celebration will be done in a different way: LARC has been around for 100 years! Come help us celebrate.</​font>​| 
 +|Oct 1, 7:30|LARC Meeting| | 
 +|Oct 15|LARC Board Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Meeting time and method TBD.</​font>​| 
 +|Nov 5, 7:30|LARC Meeting| | 
 +|Nov 19|LARC Board Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Meeting time and method TBD.</​font>​| 
 +|Dec 3, 6:30|LARC Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Status TBD: Annual LARC Christmas Pot Luck Supper. Plan on arriving between 6:30 and 7 PM, so we can set up your culinary contribution and enjoy supper and entertainment.</​font>​| 
 +|Dec 12|Ham course end|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Method of administering the exam TBD: Last session of the Ham course, where the final exam (100 multiple choice questions) is written.</​font>​| 
 +|Dec 17|LARC Board Meeting|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​Meeting time and method TBD.</​font>​| 
 +|Dec 19|RAC Winter Contest|See the RAC website for details| 
 +Weekly Activities 
 +^Day, Time^Activity| 
 +|Daily, 7PM|JO Net, in memory of John Ohnmacht, at 7 PM on the VE3GYQ repeater| 
 +|Saturdays, 8:30 AM - 10:​30|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ Hams & Eggs breakfast at Mary's Place restaurant in the Eastown mall near Highbury and Dundas. Everyone welcome!| 
 +|Saturdays, 10 AM - 1:​00|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ Activities at the 427 Wing: Tours of the ham facilities, Q & A with experienced hams, Kit building, repair and troubleshooting of gear, operating club radios, sometimes taking part in contests, and a lot of shooting the breeze| 
 +|Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 12:00|From the Saturday after Labour day to early December, excluding the Thanksgiving weekend, we present the Basic Ham license course. Contact for details.| 
 +|Mondays, 8PM|The Monday night net, led by Brian Bouckley VA3ATB, on VA3LON, 147.06 MHz. <font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​66ff99>​This net will be used to pass on LARC updates, and will be a great source of information on the pandemic impact.</​font>​| 
 +|Mondays, 8 PM|Northern Ontario Dstar net. No cross connects, Dstar only| 
 +|Tuesdays, 9AM|<​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice,</​font><​font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​66ff99>​but replaced by the Cherryhill net, Tuesdays at 10:00 on VE3GYQ.</​font>​ Coffee get together in the food court at Cherryhill Mall, 9 AM - 10:30 ish.| 
 +|Tuesdays, 8 PM|Elmer Net. A restart of this friendly net just for new Hams to try out new radio gear and practice procedures knowing that you can make mistakes and no one will complain.| 
 +|Wednesdays,​ 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ Kit building at the 427 Wing (and anything else that people want to do)| 
 +|Wednesdays,​ 8:00 PM|The ARES net, led by Doug Elliott VA3DAE, on VE3OME, 145.45 MHz| 
 +|Wednesdays,​ 21:30 UTC|The YL DX net, on VE3TTT every other Wednesday (International)| 
 +|Thursdays, 7:30 PM|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ LARC Meeting at the 427 Wing on the first Thursday of the month. See LARC.CA for details| 
 +|Thursdays, 7:30 PM|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ LARC Board meeting at the 427 Wing on the third Thursday of the month.| 
 +|Thursdays, 7:30 PM|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ Morse Code practice sessions, on the 2nd, 4th, and occasionally the 5th Thursday of the month| 
 +|Thursdays, 8 PM|The PROCOMM (Provincial Communications) Net at 8 PM. On all SORT repeaters except VE3GYQ, plus Allstar| 
 +|Fridays 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM|<font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;#​ffccff>​CANCELLED until further notice.</​font>​ Lunch with the 427 Wing folks. Excellent food for $10| 
 +|Fridays, 8PM|Tech net, run by Reg in Australia (originally from Ontario). On all SORT repeaters except VE3GYQ, plus Echolink| 
 +|Fridays, 9PM|Dstar Digital net, with many cross connects and reflectors linked in. Locally, Dstar is on VE3TTT 442.300+| 
 +|Saturdays, 7PM|Triple T net (originally on VE3TTT) at 7 PM on all SORT repeaters plus Echolink| 
 +|Sundays, 8 PM|The PROCOMM (Provincial Communications) Net at 8 PM. On all SORT repeaters except VE3GYQ, plus Allstar| 
 +| |
 \\ \\
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