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Welcome to the LARC Test Wiki

This is an area we've set aside on the LARC website to experiment with web pages that many people can update. It is based on standard system called a “Wiki”. This is the same system that is used by Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that has 32 million editors. We don't plan on getting that big, but this may turn out to be useful. (By the way, this introductory part comes from Doug Elliott).

So what we have here is a playground. If you want to give it a try, here is some information that will help you get started:

General info (pretty dry):

User Manual (getting more useful):

Tutorial on making changes to the Wiki (immediately usable stuff:)

Some general hints:

  1. You might be worried that if you make changes in this wiki, you'll break something. It is impossible to do any serious damage to a wiki. That's a pretty strong statement, but it's based on the ways wikis work. Every time you go to make a change to a wiki page, a copy of the original page is saved away. If something goes wrong, it's easy to go back to a previous version. If you can't recover, someone who looks after the wiki ( informally known as the wiki-whacker) will be able to help you.
  2. Wikis are made up of a bunch of “pages”. You're looking at one right now. A page can contain links to other pages, just like a website. You might not want to mess with creating or linking pages together right away, but feel free to make any changes you want to the sample pages that I've created. There's a list of them below.
  3. Don't take anything in this playground wiki too seriously. Doug goes a little nuts when he has an audience, and other contributors may share the lack of reverence.
  4. have fun!

(I'm still working on the list of other pages)

Other pages you can play with:

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