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London Amateur Radio Club's Basic HAM License Course for 2019

The following table has links to various information that will be useful to students taking the LARC Ham course.

Day 1 HandoutThe handout from the September 7 session, which includes the schedule, the chapters covered in each session, and the link for this course information web page.
Presos and HandoutsDownloadable files containing the presentations and handouts for the 2019 Basic Course
Chapter TestsInstructions on how run a 20 question test on a particular chapter in the Coax Publications Study Guide
Full Practice ExamHow to do a practice exam from the official exam question bank that covers all of the course material
Sample examAn example PDF file of an exam generated by the above government web site. Here's a blank answer sheet, and an answer sheet with correct answers
Available Call SignsHow to find out if a call sign you are considering is already taken. Some things to think about when you're picking a call sign: What does it sound like spoken phonetically : Victor Alpha Three Delta Alpha Echo, what does it sound like in Morse code, and maybe, is it easy for people to remember?
Exam Question BankDownload the entire Exam Bank, with the correct answers. You need to scroll down to get to the link, and although it says print, it actually downloads a 317 KB PDF file.
Preliminary course infoGeneral information for people who are considering taking the 2019 LARC Ham course. This course has already started, but there will be a similar one in the fall of 2020
Various MapsMaps showing the street locations of places in London of interest to Hams.

If you have any questions about the course, or any other topic related to Ham radio education, please contact our Education Coordinator:

Doug Elliott VA3DAE
email: or
phone or text: (519) 630-8925

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