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LARC Basic Ham Course 2018

This page is updated to reflect the latest information on the ham license course, and its contents are accurate as far as I know - Doug Elliott, LARC Education Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact me at .

Early Notes on the 2018 Course

  • 2 additional sessions to stretch out some topics
  • session topics will be re-ordered, and will follow the study guide more closely
  • the first introductory session on Sept 8 will be in the classroom at the back of the Byron fire hall, and we're trying to arrange tours of the Emergency Operations Center, and the Radio Room in that building
  • The remaining 12 sessions will be in the spacious meeting room at the Beacock Library, just West of Huron and Highbury
  • more emphasis on setting up a station, operating procedures, etc
  • first sign up has been received already
  • things could well change - new course modifications aren't finalized

The Tentative Schedule

Date Chapter Topic
Sep 8 1 Introduction and Overview (Held at Byron fire hall)
Sep 15 2 Current, Voltage, Resistance (All other sessions at Beacock Library)
3 Ohms Law, Power
Sep 22 4 Inductors, Capacitance, transformers, reactance, impedance, resonance
Sep 29 5 Waves, wavelength, frequency and bands
6 Propagation
Oct 6 No Class - Thanksgiving Weekend
Oct 13 7 Transmission Lines
8 Antennas
Oct 20 9 active devices, diodes, transistors and tubes
Oct 27 10 Power Supplies
11 Establishing and equipping an amateur station
Nov 3 12 Routine Operation of an amateur station
Nov 10 13 Modulation and Transmitters
Nov 17 14 Receivers
Nov 24 15 Radio Frequency Interference
16 Safety
Dec 1 17 Regulations
Dec 8 Exam 100 Multiple Choice Questions

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to contact the Education Coordinator with any questions not answered below:

Doug Elliott VA3DAE
cell: (519) 630-8925

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I have to miss a session? Most students miss one or two sessions for various reasons. This isn't usually a problem, as long as you:

  • read the assigned chapters in the study guide carfefully
  • review the PowerPoint presentation, and any handouts that are provided
  • do the online review tests on the chapter(s) you missed
  • bring up any problem areas with the instructors, who are glad to help.

Will the fee still be $100, same as last year? This is yet to be decided. There are additional costs associated with adding 2 more sessions to the course.

Will the same Study Guide be used? So far, we aren't aware of any new issue of the Study guide, and expect it to be the same. The current study guide looks like this:

What if I already have the Study Guide? The course fee includes $50 for the Study guide we provide, which is essentially our cost. If you already have the Study Guide, we will reduce the fee by $50.

Is there a yearly renewal fee once I get my ham license? No, your license is yours for life, with no additional fees. However, we'd love to have you join the London Amateur Radio Club, which does have a low yearly membership fee. The first year is free as part of the course.

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