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LARC Basic Ham Course 2018

This page is updated to reflect the latest information on the ham license course - Doug Elliott, LARC Education Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact me at .

The Tentative Schedule

Date Chapter Topic
Sep 8 1 Introduction and Overview (Held at Byron fire hall)
Sep 15 2 Current, Voltage, Resistance (All other sessions at Beacock Library)
3 Ohms Law, Power
Sep 22 4 Inductors, Capacitance, transformers, reactance, impedance, resonance
Sep 29 5 Waves, wavelength, frequency and bands
6 Propagation
Oct 6 No Class - Thanksgiving Weekend
Oct 13 7 Transmission Lines
8 Antennas
Oct 20 9 active devices, diodes, transistors and tubes
Oct 27 10 Power Supplies
11 Establishing and equipping an amateur station
Nov 3 12 Routine Operation of an amateur station
Nov 10 13 Modulation and Transmitters
Nov 17 14 Receivers
Nov 24 15 Radio Frequency Interference
16 Safety
Dec 1 17 Regulations
Dec 8 Exam 100 Multiple Choice Questions

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to contact the Education Coordinator with any questions not answered below:

Doug Elliott VA3DAE
cell: (519) 630-8925

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I have to miss a session? Most students miss one or two sessions for various reasons. This isn't usually a problem, as long as you:

  • read the assigned chapters in the study guide carfefully
  • review the PowerPoint presentation, and any handouts that are provided
  • do the online review tests on the chapter(s) you missed
  • bring up any problem areas with the instructors, who are glad to help.

Will the fee still be $100, same as last year? Yes it will. LARC will absorb the additional costs associated with adding 2 more sessions to the course.

Will the same Study Guide be used? Yes, we will still be using the 9th edition of the study guide, which looks like this:

What if I already have the Study Guide? The course fee includes $50 for the Study guide we provide, which is essentially our cost. If you already have the Study Guide, we will reduce the fee by $50.

Is there a yearly renewal fee once I get my ham license? No, your license is yours for life, with no additional fees. However, we'd love to have you join the London Amateur Radio Club, which does have a low yearly membership fee. The first year is free as part of the course.

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